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Achard International

Armes has manufactured
Achard's new warehouse
at the Akno Group logistics hub.

Achard International S.r.l., a major sugar import and distribution company, has chosen Armes for the design and construction of its new warehouse for the management of the arrival, processing, packaging and distribution of sugar.

Customer: Achard International S.r.l.

Sector: Food

Location: Nogarole Rocca (VR)


– Optimizing space by using DRIVE-IN pallet racking with a Flexy shuttle powered by a retractable forklift. Target: 9,000 pallet locations – size 1200 x 1200 and weight 1250 kg.


– Installation of a large DRIVE-IN system with 5 loading levels.

– Storage capacity: 9,575 ULs weighing 1,250 kg each.

– The system is organized in 9 blocks and supported by 4 Flexy shuttles that interact with the company’s WMS to facilitate and guarantee the correct handling and traceability of the products.


– The structure, made up of earthquake-resistant racking, has been designed and built to manage different load units in the best possible way, optimizing space and storage capacity and thus achieving the goals defined together with the customer during the design stage.


Storage system height: 12 m

Surface area occupied by the storage system: 6,600 m2

Pallet locations: 9,575

UL: 1,200 x 1,200 (variable height) x 1,250 kg.