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pallet racking
mobile pallet racking system

Berardi Bullonerie

Armes had manufactured
a new logistics platform
for company Berardi Bullonerie.

Berardi Bullonerie s.r.l., a leafing manufacturer and distributor of bolts and nuts as well as industrial components, has chosen Armes for the construction of its new logistics platform as its premises in Castel S. Pietro Terme (Bologna).

Customer: Berardi Bullonerie S.r.l.

Sector: production and distribution of bolts and nuts

Location: Castel S. Pietro Terme (Bologna)


– Maximising the space and storage capacity by using industrial metal racking along with a trilateral forklift/order picker


– Installation of a racking system with a vertical loading configuration allowing to exploit the free height of the warehouse.

– Loading levels consisting of beams and galvanized plates for storage of boxes, and pair of beams for storage of pallets.

– Pick & Delivery bays on all shelving headers.

– Installation of Push-back gravity-fed conveyor rollers near the P&D locations / shipment areas to facilitate the order preparation.


– The whole structure – consisting of earthquake-proof racks – has been designed and installed to efficiently store a high amount of different load units, maximizing both space and storage capacity and therefore achieving the goals defined with the customer during the project design.


Storage system height: 12 m

Surface area occupied by the storage system: 10,000 m2

Quantity of frames: 702 pcs

Quantity of beams: 16,700 pcs

Quantity of plates: 94,862 pcs