gl8 mezzanine
hanging clothing

Racking system for hanging clothing

Armes has manufactured
a new racking system for hanging clothing.

An important clothing company has chosen Armes for the construction of a garment racking system for hanging clothing; the system has been realised with a GL8 mezzanine floor and Apr12.

Sector: Clothing


– Joining two existing large warehouse systems (existing since 1998) to create a storage and transit site both for laid and hanging garments.

– Allowing the customer to store garments lying on roll containers as well as garments hanging from specific racks fixed to the ceiling of the GL8 mezzanine.


– Static APR racking system on the top levels, with racks for hanging garments that also support the walkways (3,500 m2 on two levels).

– Conveyor systems to carry the hanging garments across the different levels into the corresponding storage aisles.

– The system is equipped with stairs to reach the escape routes and the passage of the lifting devices that convey the hanging garments to the different levels.


– The entire structure has been realized with special steel, in accordance with the national seismic standards, filed by the civil engineer.
Furthermore, the project has been developed considering the necessary fire prevention, lighting and heating systems.

– The whole structure has been designed and installed to efficiently store a high amount of different load units, maximizing both space and storage capacity and therefore achieving the goals defined with the customer during the project design.


Surface area on the ground floor: 1,750 m2 of which 600 m2 on two levels and 1,150 m2 on 4 levels of the mezzanine

Storage capacity (qty of stored garments): 218,800 pcs

Total linear metres for hanging clothing on static bars/racks: 5,902 m