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Farvima Medicinali

Farvima Medicinali S.p.a.
has chosen Armes for the installation
of an earthquake - resistant Apr12 storage system
at the Nola (Naples) Logistics Centre.

Farvima Medicinali, a nationally renowned company operating in the distribution of medicines for pharmacies and health facilities, has chosen ARMES SPA for the design and construction of its material storage system. The real challenge was to meet the customer’s requirements, given the great difference between the various types of items to be stored, which range from extremely small packages (eye drops, tablets, gauze, etc.), including the loose items that we buy in pharmacies, to boxes containing several packages of the same article, or the need to store large quantities of a single article that is delivered by the pharmaceutical company directly on pallets.

Customer: Farvima Medicinali S.p.a.

Sector: Pharmaceutical

Location: Nola (Naples)


– Optimizing space by using industrial metal racking to store small packages (single drug), pallets and boxes.


– Creation of storage areas with a single-shelf galvanized Dimax shelving system

– Creation of carton flow racks (gravity system) that allow boxes to be picked following the FIFO logic.

– Arranging the rest of the material on earthquake-resistant industrial racking with plates on load levels, so that they can be used for both pallets and large boxes.


– The structure, made up of earthquake-resistant racking units, has been designed and built to manage different load units in the best possible way, optimizing space and storage capacity and thus achieving the goals defined together with the customer during the design stage.


Storage system height: 12.5 m

Surface area occupied by the storage system: 10,000 m2

Pallet locations: 4,000

Load levels with end-flattened plates: 3780 m

75 m of carton flow gravity-fed racks

No. of DIMAX shelves: 5,000 – size 1200×400-600

No. of light gravity-fed load levels: 356