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History and future
of storage systems


67 years of all-Italian expertise

Since 1956, our name stands for high-quality racking and storage systems all over the world.

Over the years, we have achieved many goals and set important milestones, offering our customers solutions tailored to the storage needs of all industrial sectors and applications.

We are at the forefront in terms of production processes, selection of materials and technology. At the core of everything, however, there are mind, heart and hands of the people who, with their skills and expertise, make Armes what it is.


Innovation as key point

Steel racking, Italian excellence: each single word has been carefully chosen to describe our products, our vision, and our objectives. We want to raise the bar of excellence higher and higher, constantly investing in research and development, in the quality of our service, in the optimisation of our solutions.

Each of our forms of innovation aims to create value, which for us means offering our customers optimised storage solutions: solutions that are designed, certified and guaranteed to last over time in compliance with the quality, safety and performance required from the early stages of the project.


How the project comes to life

Our storage systems are entirely ​”made in Italy”​: each element is made in our factory in Montecchio Maggiore (Vicenza), Italy, where we take care of the entire production process by combining craftsmanship and technological innovation in an entirely local supply chain, so as to guarantee a controlled procurement process. We provide complete turnkey solutions to our customers throughout the world.






Working together is success

Our sales network is present throughout the country, while abroad we are active with a strong network of distributors. Skilled and experienced, we listen to your needs, perform careful analysis, and develop customised projects for turnkey solutions.

We believe in expertise. Our technicians work side-by-side the customer to create valuable projects. For this reason, all members of our team adopt the same approach: they know how to listen and analyse the customer’s needs, propose solutions, and share performance data and expected results with the customer. At the same time, the entire company keeps striving to maintain and improve the quality and reliability of its products, with constant commitment to social and environmental responsibility.


We are exactly
where you are

We directly manage the installation of your racking system to guarantee a turnkey service planned down to the last detail. Our teams of skilled and specialised technicians-assemblers, our supervisors and our distributors guarantee a high standard of service throughout the world.



Your seal
of quality

We put all our experience at your disposal, to verify and certify full compliance with regulations, safety in the workplace and the conformity of your structure, from the point of view of quality and stability. Over the years we have achieved the most important company process certifications: we consider them our seal, essential to validate the authenticity of our promises.

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