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Our solutions are the result of careful structural studies and allow the creation of numerous types of storage systems: pallet racking, modular racking and shelving systems, multi-tier shelving, mezzanine floors,​ automated ​storage systems, clad-rack warehouses offering high load-bearing capacity Our wide range of products and their versatility allow us to design solutions in the most different sizes and for any application, always characterised by an optimal cost/performance ratio.

All key factors are analysed before working on the size of the structure: the available surface, the load unit to be stored, the forklift truck used, and the geolocation of the site in relation to local anti-seismic regulations.

for pallets

The APR12 pallet racking system is more than just shelving, rather it is a system whose versatility and flexibility allow the creation of multiple storage solutions. APR12 is available in three versions: light (L), medium (M) and heavy (P), which differ in the thickness of the steel strips used. These options make it possible to meet all manner of needs, offering frames with different load-bearing capacity and the best combination of technical performance and economic benefits.

Solutions for boxes and bulk products

They are the ideal solutions for storing and archiving any type of material, whether in bulk, boxes or containers, thus meeting all picking needs in the best possible way.

Mezzanine floors

The GL8 “Long-span” mezzanine floor is a standardised and flexible system; it consists of a modular set of components designed for creating mezzanines with large spans between the main beams, where the large distance between columns enables unobstructed access and free movements. It guarantees maximised performance using a limited quantity of material. Every component is optimised during the design stage so to then perform a quick and easy installation.
The GL8 mezzanine, designed, if necessary, in compliance with current anti-seismic regulations, increases the storage area by exploiting the vertical space of the industrial building. It is also used for offices, exhibition stands, and maintenance walkways. Mezzanine floors are completed with decking made of metal grating or wooden panels, and with railings, staircases, and gates.

Cantilever racking storage systems

The Cantilever racking is characterised by arms protruding from the upright columns and is specifically designed for the storage of long, even heavy loads, such as bars, pipes, aluminium / steel lengths and timber. Space can be fully exploited even with the Cantilever structures since the upright is provided with slots for adjusting the arm position in height. Cantilever racks simplify and optimise work and allow goods to be stored both in a single sided or in a double-sided option to maximise the storage capacity. If installed outdoors, they can be equipped with special canopies.

Automated storage systems and Clad-rack warehouses

Automated storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS) and clad-rack warehouses are the most advanced solutions using APR racks. For years we have supplied our racks for all types of automated systems. Thanks to our expertise and proper tools, we can provide complete, turnkey solutions, also for floor stabs. In addition to the necessary technical assistance, Armes can provide the documentation required by the competent authorities.

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