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Dimax shelving system

The DIMAX multi-purpose shelving comes in the models D10, D20, D30 and D40. Model D10 is the best product line for light loads and is suitable for the creation of conventional picking storage systems with limited height, and for use as a technical and functional element as well as a piece of furniture for offices, shops, and houses. Model D20 is a valid answer to the specific needs of archives, libraries, and storage. The T-shaped upright with eight folds provides the shelving considerable rigidity and excellent load capacity. The D30 and D40 uprights, which differ only in thickness, represent the best picking solution when a high load capacity and/or a considerable height are required. The Dimax shelving is used in the most diverse product sectors and is particularly suitable for the storage of bulk goods or goods in boxes. The D20, D30 and D40 shelving can also be used to create multi-tiered structures with access staircases, railings and gates.



Why choose an Armes product?

Because our products offer great versatility, adapting to different needs and spaces. The quality of the product is of a high level, guaranteeing reliability and durability over time.

Our product allows us to satisfy a wide range of needs because its production is characterized by high flexibility, allowing it to quickly adapt to market demands.

How can I receive a personalized quote?

Click the CONTACT US button and fill out the form. The sales representative in your area will respond promptly.

Do you also carry out inspection visits?

Yes, Armes manages the inspection for your shelves. Click the CONTACT US button and fill out the form, our engineer will respond promptly.

What is industrial tailoring?

We believe in the concept of industrial tailoring because our product is very versatile and the range is wide: we study, design and produce the ideal tailor-made product for each customer, adaptable to any sector and space.

Our consultancy capacity is unique: our sales network, distributed throughout Italy and the world, is highly qualified and capable of identifying the most suitable technical solution for each sector, considering the type of product, the height and the specific needs of warehouse. We ensure a constant presence and continuous support for customers.

Why Armes?

Because true excellence knows how to solve every space problem. The versatility of the products and the breadth of the range allow creations of the most varied sizes and for any application, always with an optimal cost/performance ratio. We design the sizing of the structure after having analyzed all the fundamental factors: the available surface area, the load unit to be stored, the geolocation of the site in compliance with anti-seismic regulations .

Punctual delivery is one of our priorities, ensuring that products arrive within the agreed times. We offer the assembly service, ensuring correct installation of the systems, and the after-sales service (service) to maintain the warehouse in complete safety over the years.


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